Club Statement: Myer Bevan suspension

Words: ACFC Media

Saturday 14 August 2021

Picture: Phototek

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Auckland City FC chairperson Ivan Vuksich, today commented on the suspension of Myer Bevan following his red card in the Chatham Cup match with Miramar Rangers last month.

Bevan was sent off for the use of a homophobic slur in the match on Sunday 31 July 2021 and was subsequently suspended.

Vuksich, today commented:

"Auckland City FC accepted an apology from Myer for his actions and we also want to express our own apology as a club to those offended.

"We're working collaboratively with the rainbow and LGBTQIA+ community to work toward making appropriate amends.

"We realise there can't be a prescriptive approach to this matter so we're moving forward with open minds, open hearts, empathy and humility.

"We're hopeful that by taking this approach we can eventually implement our own diversity and inclusion strategy for our club members to prevent incidents like this occuring in future.

"Everybody makes mistakes, ourselves included, but we firmly believe Myer is entitled to a second chance to learn from his. Auckland City FC will support Myer through this process all the way."

Myer Bevan accepted the New Zealand Football ban and made his remorse clear to everyone.


"I want to say sorry for my actions. I used a homophobic insult in the Miramar Chatham Cup game and was rightly sent off for it.

"I used the word in anger and I wrongfully considered it as a thoughtless insult at the time without taking into account how it may hurt other people.

"I absolutely acknowledge that it was, and is, harmful language to use and I am genuinely sorry.

"I am a human being that has made a mistake which I regret and I genuinely want to make amends to people I may have offended by getting involved meaningfully with the club's outreach to the rainbow and LGBTQIA+ community."

AUCKLAND CITY FC - Head Coach, José Figueira:

"Myer knew he made a mistake and its something he said in the heat of the moment and now deeply regrets.

"Homophobia, racism and bigotry have no place anywhere in society and we as individuals , and as a club, stand against these things in all its forms.

"Myer is a human being who makes mistakes, just like the rest of us, and now he has an opportunity to learn and grow from the experience.

"We've always been the type of club to give support to our players, staff and club members when its needed and this situation is no different."


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