ACFC launches Player Welfare programme

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Monday 21 May 2018

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AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Auckland City FC is pleased to announce the launch of a new player welfare programme spearheaded by physiotherapist Matt Payne.

Payne, a key member of the Auckland City FC backroom team and the club's head physio, is excited about what the programme can bring.

"The main emphasis of the wellness program is to make our young athletes more robust and able to tolerate the demands associated with football.

"We are aiming to have appropriate alignment of the medical program at Auckland City FC from first team down to the Academy.

"It is no secret that in the youth population injury rates are increasing," he told

"While to a degree injuries in sport are part and parcel of the game, from a sports medicine point of view we are trying to reduce the number of injuries and their associated severity.

"Young athletes that have better motor control, strength and coordination are more likely to be able to fulfil their training and match requirements, which will hopefully lead to better players

"The added benefit of injury prevention programs is that they improve the core physical components of football - change of direction running, jumping and landing and ball movement.

"By having physiotherapy cover that understands the demands placed on young athletes, we will be in a position to identify and rehabilitate injuries at an early stage, reducing the need for lengthy periods away from the game which can be so frustrating for our young boys and girls," he said.

Worldwide injury rates in football are increasing, which is particularly evident in the youth population.

As children progress into the adolescent stage of life, changes within their body can mean they are more susceptible to injury.

Factors such as rapid increase in height (relative to strength), poor motor control/coordination and a less active childhood can contribute to injury.
Often in this age group the young football athlete plays or trains numerous times while often playing numerous sports.

The physical demands on their young bodies may exceed their ability to tolerate load, leading to injury

The Auckland City FC Player Development Programme recognises the importance of managing the workload of the young athlete while also trying to physically prepare them for the different stages of their football career.

Onsite physiotherapy presence weekly is provided to screen for injury and guide the preventative exercise program

The intended benefit of the PDP Wellness Program will be:

-To minimise the risk of new football (and general) injuries
-To minimise the risk of overload type injuries i.e. early identification and appropriate steps taken to resolve or modify the risk.
-Enhance and maximise your childs physical football capability
-To allow the individual to adequately prepare for the energy demands of the upcoming week of football training
-Educate the player on preventative strategies that are consistent with the ACFC medical plan in the senior teams
-Educate the athletes on the health benefits of physical activity and the role it plays in reducing societal health problems

Though specific and targeted exercise your child will be given the best opportunity to remain injury free but also maximise their physical wellbeing and skills

The Welfare Programme targets players in the Premier and Metro grades from 12th grade to 17th grade with onsite training provided by a trained physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning coach.

The Welfare Programme bgins May 14 and ends in August of 2018.

The cost of the Player Welfare programme is $150.00 per attendee and will be delivered at Mount Roskill Grammar School.


For more information:

Facebook page : Auckland City FC PDP
Flyer Download: ACFC PDP Flyer May 2018.


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