Tade takes out golden boot

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Sunday 18 March 2018

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AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Emiliano Tade's second ISPS Handa Premiership golden boot win draws praise from Ramon Tribulietx.

The 30-year-old frontman bagged 16 goals in the regular season including the brace that gave the Navy Blues their fifth consecutive minor title and their ninth since 2004-05.

Tade last won the ISPS Handa Premiership golden boot in 2013-14 season heading off competition from Aaron Clapham, Henry Fa'arodo, Richard Cardozo and Charlie Henry.

This season Tade won the accolade by four goals from veteran Paul Ifill who managed an impressive 12 goals for Tasman United.

Tribulietx noted Tade's efforts in front of goal and that of two other strikers - Navy Blues youngster, Callum McCowatt, who notched seven goals, and one-time regular starter and now professional with FC Gifu, Ryan De Vries, who managed eight.

“We've been fortunate to have many good strikers play at Auckland City FC. This season, Ryan De Vries - before he left - and Emiliano, and newcomer, Callum McCowatt, have all scored goals.

"Emiliano scored two goals against the Wellington Phoenix and it’s great for us because you always need someone to put your chances away and that’s what Tade brings to the party.

"He takes a lot of risks but that’s part of his game, that’s what makes him a different player. Emiliano is not blessed with a lot of pace, he doesn’t have too much of one specific quality to his game, but he’s what you call a very effective player and he’s proved that in the six or seven years he’s been with us.

"He’s been a fantastic player for Auckland City FC - he’s always improving and he's someone who’s very resilient and if he hasn’t played that much, he's carried on with his work, he keeps training very hard to try and regain his position in the team.

"We look at his record, and he’s got over a 100 goals already and that's a fantastic record at any level of football. Congratulations are due Emiliano - the golden boot is a well deserved accolade for him and testiomony to his resilience, I love that quality about Tade and we're happy he has stayed with us for as long as he has."

Only three players have won the ISPS Handa Premiership Golden Boot twice - the late Keryn Jordan, Tom Jackson and Tade.

Tade remains the only player of the three to achieve the feat with the same club.


ISPS Handa Premiership - Golden Boot*

1. Emiliano Tade (Auckland City FC) - 16 goals
2. Paul Ifill (Tasman United) - 12 goals
3. Andre de Jong (Eastern Suburbs AFC) - 11 goals
4. Stephen Hoyle (Canterbury United) - 9 goals
5. Garbhan Coughlan (Southern United) - 8 goals
6. Ryan De Vries (Auckland City FC) - 8 goals**
7. Andy Bevin (Team Wellington) - 7 goals
8. Callum McCowatt (Auckland City FC) - 7 goals
9. Tommy Semmy (Hamilton Wanderers) - 7 goals
10. Keegan Linderboom (Waitakere United) - 7 goals

*The ISPS Handa Premiership Golden Boot only counts goals scored in the regular season with all extra goals counting towards individual career tallies only.
**Two goals deducted after Auckland City FC were deemed to have fielded an ineligible player versus Tasman United in December 2017. 

ISPS Handa Premiership - Golden Boot (2004-05 to 2017-18)
2017-18 Emiliano Tade (Auckland City FC) - 16 goals
2016-17 Tom Jackson (Team Wellington) - 16 goals
2015-16 Ryan De Vries (Auckland City FC) - 13 goals
2014-15 Tom Jackson (Southern United)/Tyler Boyd (Wellington Phoenix) - 10 goals
2013-14 Emiliano Tade (Auckland City FC) - 12 goals
2012-13 Roy Krishna (Waitakere United) - 12 goals
2011-12 George Slefendorfas (Canterbury United) - 12 goals
2010-11 Allan Pearce (Waitakere United) - 13 goals
2009-10 Seule Soromon (YoungHeart Manawatu) - 11 goals
2008-09 Luis Corrales (Team Wellington) - 12 goals
2007-08 Graham Little (Team Wellington)/Gouzalo Nieres (YoungHeart Manawatu) - 12 goals
2006-07 Benjamin Totori (YoungHeart Manawatu) - 24 goals
2005-06 Keryn Jordan (Auckland City FC) - 21 goals
2004-05 Keryn Jordan (Waitakere United)/Grant Young (Auckland City FC) - 15 goals


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