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Tuesday 19 December 2017

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AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Ryan Faithfull departs Auckland City FC to take up the possibility of new opportunities in football in the USA.

Faithfull, who joined Auckland City FC in 2014, reflected on his time with the club with fondness.

The former Forrest Hill Milford Lotto NRFL Women's Premier Division coach describes his highlights.

"I've been to a few Club World Cups and I'll never forget walking through the changing rooms every time we got a good result and team doctor Craig Panther said bronze is the new gold.

"This is my fourth season with Auckland City FC and reflecting I am coming to the end of an internship we've had some huge experiences here and I've been fortunate to be part of it.

"The highlight was being in Morocco and having a golden time there and you can't put a price tag on that," he said.

Faithfull paid tribute to head coach Ramon Tribulietx and club legend and former All Whites international Ivan Vicelich.

"Coming where I came from I wasn't as experienced as other coaches but fortunately I had worked with New Zealand Football and got to work with other coaches with a lot of knowledge.

"Working with Ramon Tribulietx and Ivan Vicelich has been a real step-up and the detail we go into is different week-in, week-out, and the intricacies of how we prepare and plan it is on another level.

"To have a club, structure and organisation of this calibre operating in this country is amazing.

Over the years Faithfull enjoyed working with a raft of top quality players at the club but reserved special mention of three - Enaut Zubikarai, Emiliano Tade and midfielder Mario Bilen.

"Enaut has been a fantastic person to get to know on and off the pitch and has been incredible. He is a goalkeeper of immense quality and a great person as well - as a goalkeeper he is a beast.

"Emiliano is a stand out for everything he does off the pitch and his sense of professionalism in an environment that is serious but amateur. Mario Bilen is the other.

"My time at Auckland City FC has been formative and enjoyable and I want to thank everyone for their kind support throughout the years and all the best for the future."

Head coach Tribulietx said Faithfull's departure would be keenly felt but wished his colleague a bright future.

"Ryan has decided to move to the USA with his partner to take up an opportunity to work in an interesting part of the world.

"Ryan has been very good for the club and an important person in our staff over the last 4 years.

"Ryan has developed as a coach with us and has given us his passion for football. His ideas and his technical ability will be missed and most importantly his personality and character too.

"I would like to wish him the best in his coming future - a safe journey and the best in life and football," Tribulietx said.


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