Tianjin Sports Bureau visit Auckland City FC

Words: ACFC Media

Friday 9 February 2024

Picture: Phototek

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - A delegation from the Tianjin Sports Bureau recently visited Auckland City FC to explore avenues for cooperation, foster sporting exchange, and celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of China and New Zealand.

The visit showcased the potential for deepening the ties between the two nations through the universal language of football.

The esteemed delegation from China was welcomed by Auckland City FC chairperson Ivan Vuksich and General Manager Gordon Watson, who expressed his excitement about the collaborative possibilities that lay ahead.

The Tianjin Sports Bureau delegation was led by head of the sports bureau - Ms. Li Kemin and also included members of Mr. Chong Yong (Tianjin Football Association - Vice president & Secretary General) and Mr. Pang Chao (Head of training/competition/youth programs of the Tianjin sports bureau).

Vuksich said: "It is an honour to host the distinguished delegation from the Tianjin Sports Bureau. This visit signifies a significant step towards strengthening the bonds between our nations, not just on the playing field but also in fostering cultural understanding. Our shared passion for football creates a unique platform for collaboration, and we are eager to explore how we can learn from and contribute to each other's sporting traditions."

The Tianjin Sports Bureau delegation, led by Ms. Li Kemin, reciprocated the warm sentiments and expressed admiration for the work achieved in the community by Auckland City FC and it's enthusiasm in promoting football at local and international level.

Ms. Li Kemin said: "I am truly impressed by the commitment and passion displayed by Auckland City FC in nurturing the football spirit in New Zealand and internationally. Our discussions have been fruitful, and we see tremendous potential for collaboration in various aspects of sports development and cultural exchange. Beyond the playing field, we aim to build bridges between our organisations, fostering understanding and friendship."

The discussions between the two parties centered on potential joint training programs, exchange initiatives for players and coaches, and collaborative community outreach projects that aim to leverage the unifying power of sports for social good.

Both Vuksich and Ms. Li Kemin are optimistic about the future prospects of this collaboration, seeing it as a testament to the ability of sports to transcend borders and forge lasting connections. Also, both parties agreed that Auckland City player/community coach Tong Zhou may exert a better role to connect sports and people among two sides.

As the visit concluded, Vuksich extended his gratitude to the Chinese delegation: "This exchange marks the beginning of a promising chapter in our football journey. We look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead and believe that through football and sport, we can create lasting bonds that contribute to the broader relationship between our organisations."




天津市体育局代表团一行于近日莅临新西兰奥城俱乐部进行考察调研。 致力于加深中新两国人民常期友好且紧密的文化连接,双方就体育交流及合作进行了深入交流和探讨。





李局长表示:我们对奥城俱乐部所取得的各项国际优异成绩和本地足球推广工作印象深刻。 基于体育运动的推广和相关文化交流,我们进行了富有成效的合作探讨。不局限于体育赛场内,我们希望搭建增进双边各级组织机构更多了解认识的友谊桥梁。







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