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Character and personality shone

Words: ACFC Media

Saturday 25 June 2022

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Emiliano Tade says today's 2-0 win over Hamilton Wanderers was essential to develop the character and personality of the Navy Blues as they close in on the halfway mark in season 2022.

Goals by Reid Drake and Tade gave City an important three points but they were made to earn their victory thanks to a determined, disciplined and well organised show by Wanderers.

"It was a very tough battle today its good to have the competition back in the league. We've been through a few games where the score blew it so Wanderers put in a good battle today.

"In tough matches like today, that's where you find the character and personality of the team and it was great.

"Our first goal was beautiful from the team it was well played and how much we linked in - our dynamics are working and we're very happy with the challenge.

"You have to finish it. When you are there you have to finish it.

"Sometimes you don't even think about it, it just comes natural. Having a striker's mind will just make you shoot.

"Maybe the defender will turn around or play back - perhaps it just comes naturally because I am a striker but I don't agree with the idea that my goal was the decisive one.

"The first goal scored by Reid sets up the momentum and the mode of the game and when you're playing 1-0 up the rest of the game becomes a challenge for them rather than us.

"But we're very happy with three points from a good, tough, battle, so that's good," Tade said.


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Sun 16 June 2024,Hamilton Wanderers Kiwitea St, KO:2.00pm

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