City sign MOU with Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC

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Sunday 13 February 2022

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AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Auckland City FC is pleased to provide an update on its ongoing relationship with Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC for 2022.

The two clubs signed a memorandum of understanding last year that saw Auckland City FC Academy play a key role in the development of an integrated Player Development Pathway with Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC.

Ivan Vuksich clarifies MOU

Auckland City FC president Ivan Vuksich cleared up any misconception the memorandum of understanding signified amalgamation.

"The delivery of football to its participants has changed and as a result the traditional model of clubs competing with each other for resources has also changed.

"Change can make people uncomfortable because it's new, it's different.

"It's normal to ask questions about how clubs and people fit together in a different landscape.

"We hear the word used but it's not accurate at all, so we can put that to rest immediately.

"The Auckland City FC and Central United FC partnership drew similar remarks but we can reassure people this isn't an amalgamation.

"It's important in our partnership that we acknowledge the history, identity and culture of both Auckland City FC and Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC," he said.

How the model works

Academy Director Nic Downes explained how the model worked.

"We see this partnership as a player focused project aimed at the junior and youth players in our area.

"Our objective is to provide a wider variety of quality experiences and choices for young players in their football journey.

"Auckland City FC provides access to the high quality football programs through our Academy to Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC.

"The benefits are multilayered.

"First we provide an additional opportunity to train to Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC's junior players.

"They can stay part of the Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC club and enjoy a high quality recreational experience or, if they have aspirations to go further, tap into the Auckland City FC youth pathway and beyond.

"We are really excited to welcome Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC on board and can't wait to see the benefits unfold," he said.

Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC's perspective - Jason Conquer

Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC's Jason Conquer described the benefits of the relationship to his club.

"By entering this partnership with Auckland City FC we feel that it will help our juniors and youth grow and develop into better players.

"We believe if we give our young players access to Auckland City FC's Academy Skill Centres they stand to improve under the guidance of more experienced coaches.

"It will also allow us to show the younger players a clearer pathway to that top level of football if they wish to aspire to that objective.

"We believe the partnership will encourage more of the junior and youth players in our community to not only become better footballers and therefore enjoy the game more but also stay involved at local clubs such as ours.

"When deliberating with members on this partnership, one common question was "is this some sort of amalgamation and do we retain our own identity?"

"It was very important to Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC and its members that we retain our own unqiue identity.

"Both ourselves and Auckland City FC outlined clearly from the outset that each club wished to collaborate on a project to develop better footballers and create a stronger player development pathway but not at the expense of our identity.

"Both clubs have a rich history in their own right and are keen to showcase that while also working together to enhance the sport and build on our relationship.

"We at Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC look forward to seeing how this partnership will grow in 2022 and beyond," Conquer said.

The Brian Stanyer Memorial Trophy 2022

Closer community ties between Kiwitea Street and Anderson Park are celebrated annually with the playing of the Brian Stanyer Memorial Trophy.

The trophy celebrates the life of Brian Stanyer, a much-loved and key figure at Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC.

In recent years, Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC have won the trophy three times with Central United FC winning it twice.

Last year, Mount Albert Ponsonby AFC became the first team to successfully retain the trophy with a win at Anderson Park.

The Brian Stanyer Memorial Trophy will be contested at Kiwitea Street on Saturday 19 March 2022. The game kicks off at 2.30pm NZDT.


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