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Monday 7 December 2020

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Once the celebration of the inaugural Auckland City FC Futsal Superleague team taking out the 2020 Superleague title had died down, coach Nic Downes and player Marvin Eakins reflect on winning the title and what it means to the team being welcomed into the Auckland City FC family. 

"Right from the start when there were whispers of this relationship starting off and that we might get to represent Auckland City, the guys were pretty excited just at the thought of that. What we didn’t expect was how much of the club we would become and how welcome we were, just down to the training gear, to the media to everything that comes with it."

"I’m proud to say I’m an Auckland City player and I think the guys will be feeling the same way." - Marvin Eakins

"Congratulations to Nic, Marvin and the team. The club's all about winning titles and they have managed to do that in their 1st year." - José Figueira

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