Futsal Navy Blues seal semifinal spot

Words: Nick Brown

Friday 20 November 2020

Picture: Phototek

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Futsal Navy Blues skipper Steve Ashby-Peckham praised his team-mates after they confirmed a semi-final spot at the Men's Futsal SuperLeague National Series at Pulman Arena today.

The Futsal Navy Blues overcame a dogged Capital Futsal 3-1 in a tight Series opener with goals from Sean McIntee, Yousif Al-Kalisy and Matthew Lisehout lighting the way.

In the day's second encounter, the Futsal Navy Blues swept past Central Futsal 6-0 with six different goalscorers with Al-Kalisy and McIntee again on target while there were goals from Myron Manickum, Thomas Picken, Hamish Grey and Aalok Paudel.

Ashby-Peckham was understandably happy with the victories but paid tribute to Capital and Central who he believe were far from straight forward opponents.

"These were two really tough games but we're happy with the results. We wanted six points at the start of the day and we've achieved that so we can't ask for more than that.

"Capital are a really good side. Historically they've been one of the top sides in the SuperLeague so we knew it was going to be a tough fight. We're pretty happy to get a win over them.

"It teeters back and forth, they beat us, we beat them, so happy it was us today (who won).

AUDIO INTERVIEW - Steve Ashby-Peckham

Auckland City FC · "Sealing semifinal spot key" - Ashby-Peckham

"Central Futsal are a tough team - they battle, they run, they never give up. We're happy our quality showed out in the end and happy with the win," he said.

Ashby-Peckham didn't dwell too much on the nine goals scored instead preferring to examine the performances in both games as a whole. He expects tomorrow's games with Southern and Canterbury to be equally intense.

"I'm happy with the overall team performance. We rose to another level every time we went on the court and everyone kept a high standard which we're very happy with.

"Southern are a tough team and reached the final last year they're always in the top four and will be a tough team. Canterbury had a really result against Waikato Rapids in their last game so they won't be easy either," he said.

The two wins guarantee the Futsal Navy Blues a place in the semi-finals next to Southern United and from tomorrow the jostle for a superior finish begins in earnest.

"Our goal was to reach the semi finals and once you're in that stage you never know what can happen so we're in a good spot to go further," he said.

The Futsal Navy Blues start Match Day 2 with a tough encounter with Southern United who knocked over the Waikato Rapids earlier in the day. That game kicks off at 11.30am.

In the late game, the Futsal Navy Blues take on the Canterbury United Dragons Futsal side at 4.00pm.


Men's Futsal SuperLeague - National Series

Match Result
Men's Futsal SuperLeague
Friday 20 November, 2020
Auckland City FC 3 (Sean McINTEE, Yousif AL-KALISY, Matthew LIESHOUT)
Capital Futsal 1
HT: 2-1.

STARTERS: 1. Mike ANTAMANOV (GK), 4. Aalok PAUDEL, 7. Marvin EAKINS, 9. Steve ASHBY-PECKHAM (c), 15. Sean McINTEE.

BENCH: 2. Yousif AL-KALISY, 3. Myron MANICKUM, 4. Matthew LIESHOUT, 5. Jimmy BANKS, 6. Thomas PICKEN, 11. Hamish GREY, 12. Elias BILLEH (GK), 16. Adam PAULSEN, 17. Connor McCONCHIE.


Match Result
Men's Futsal SuperLeague
Friday 20 November, 2020
Auckland City FC 6 (Yousif AL-KALISY, Aalok PAUDEL, Thomas PICKEN, Hamish GREY, Sean McINTEE, Myron MANICKUM)
Central Futsal 0

STARTERS: 12. Elias BILLEH (GK), 4. Matthew LIESHOUT, 5. Jimmy BANKS, 9. Steve ASHBY-PECKHAM (c), 4. Aalok PAUDEL.

BENCH: 1. Mike ANTAMANOV (GK), 2. Yousif AL-KALISY, 3. Myron MANICKUM, 6. Thomas PICKEN, 7. Marvin EAKINS, 11. Hamish GREY, 15. Sean McINTEE, 16. Adam PAULSEN, 17. Connor McCONCHIE.


Match Day 1 - Results

Friday 20 November, 2020

Canterbury United 4-4 Northern Comets
Southern United 4-3 Waikato Rapids
Central Futsal 5-3 Bay of Plenty Surge
Capital Futsal 6-6 Northern Comets
Canterbury United 2-2 Waikato Rapids
Southern United 2-1 Bay of Plenty Surge


Southern United 13pts GD: +8
Auckland City FC 12pts GD: +18
Waikato Rapids 10pts GD: +21
Central Futsal 8pts GD: -1
Capital Futsal 5pts GD: -2
Northern Comets 3pts GD: -15
Canterbury United 2pts GD: -9
Bay of Plenty Surge 1pt GD: -20

Rahan ALI - Southern United (8)
Hamish GREY - Auckland City FC (6)
Adam COWAN - Central Futsal (6)
Federico MARQUEZ - Waikato Rapids (6)
Eduardo EXPOSITO - Northern Comets (5)
Jay SILCOCK - Bay of Plenty Surge (5)
Kareem OSMAN - Capital Futsal (5)
Yousif AL-KALISY - Auckland City FC (5)
Kyle WISNEWSKI - Waikato Rapids (5)
Tim O'FARRELL - Southern United (4)
Nicholas CARRICK - Central Futsal (4)
Jordi DITFORT - Waikato Rapids (4)
Melvin RUMERE - Central Futsal (4)
Casey SHARPLIN - Waikato Rapids (4)
Carlos HERRMANN - Southern United (4)
Thomas PICKEN - Auckland City FC (3)
Lucas SILVA - Capital Futsal (3)
Ethan MARTIN - Waikato Rapids (3)
Micky MALIVUK - Capital Futsal (3)
Aaron SCOTT - Waikato Rapids (3)
Adam LARCE-PAULSEN - Auckland City FC (3)
Jimmy BANKS - Auckland City FC (2)
Aalok PAUDEL - Auckland City FC (2)
Josh MARGETTS - Auckland City FC (2)
Sean McINTEE - Auckland City FC (2)
Myron MANICKUM - Auckland City FC (1)
Matthew LIESHOUT - Auckland City FC (1)
Stephen ASHBY-PECKHAM - Auckland City FC (1)


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