Our vision is to create the best player-centred football academy in New Zealand. We provide a holistic football programme to educate, nurture and prepare players for the demands of the modern game at whatever level they aspire to - the Auckland City Way.

This vision sets the direction for everything we do at the ACademy and is brought to life through our technical team and guiding principles.


Nic Downes - Academy Director
OFC/NZF B Licence, FIFA/OFC/NZF Coach Developer

José Figueira - Director of Methodology
OFC/NZF A Licence, Head Coach Auckland City FC

Ivan Vicelich - Technical Director
NZF Senior Level 3 Coaching Award, Assistant Coach Auckland City FC


1. Quality coaching
2. Quality training
3. Effective feedback
4. Player welfare


Coaches are vital for developing players to reach their full potential. All our coaches are proficient in the Auckland City FC playing philosophy and coaching methodology. They hold the appropriate qualifications to work at the different levels of the game and are specialists for the stages of development of the players they are working with.


Training has to look like and feel like football and all of our sessions are designed with this belief at the core. We use game-like learning situations that are appropriate to the age of the player to encourage decision-making, creativity and versatility. Training is periodised across the year and throughout the entire pathway, so players can get their complete football education in one environment.

“Every player will receive a well-rounded football education, making sure that they have the building blocks of personal traits and technical ability to play the Auckland City style.” - Ivan Vicelich, Technical Director


Feedback is an important way to provide support and guide learning for the individual player as they progress through the pathway. To maximise the relevance of the feedback, players will be given information linked to the actions and decisions they make in football situations. The feedback is aligned to the Auckland City FC style of play and formal opportunities are included as part of the periodised training programme.


As children progress into the adolescent stage of life, changes within their body can mean they are more susceptible to injury. This is also at a stage when youth are asked to commit more time to training and playing across multiple football environments or sports. The physical and mental demands may exceed their ability to cope, leading to injury or burnout. We recognise the importance of managing the workload and wellbeing of the young athlete, while also physically and mentally preparing them for their football life.


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ISPS Handa Premiership

Sun 29 Nov 2020, Kiwitea Street, Kick-off: 2pm

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Position P W D L F A Pts
1 HW2200506
2 TW2200316
3 WP2101423
4 WU2101543
5 ES2101323
6 AC2101123
7 HB2002150
8 CU2002170

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